Hybrid City Council 'District' System - Giving a Voice to South Scottsdale

South Scottsdale is surging and turning new corners every single day. Entrepreneurs are flocking to the McDowell Road Corridor to establish business. SkySong is no longer an eyesore, but is a crown jewel of what our city can achieve when working in conjunction with developers and ASU.

What's missing from south Scottsdale's rejuvenation, however, is a voice for these new businesses and residents.

South Scottsdale has been under-represented on the City Council for far too long. In fact, no one has been elected to the City Council from the southern part of the city for a decade.

How can our City Council comprehend the needs of south Scottsdale residents and businesses when no elected official lives or works in the area?

I am an ardent supporter of Mayor Jim Lane's innovative plan to move city elections to a hybrid-district system. This system would create three geographic council districts, representing north, central and south Scottsdale, while leaving three council seats and the mayoral post as at-large positions. This plan would provide accountability to each area and assure south Scottsdale the representation it wants and deserves.