Desert EDGE - Desert Discovery Center

Desert EDGE has become a political hot potato, and unlike some other candidates, I have developed a clear and cogent view on the issue.

I fully support the public process and the public vote for any buildings located in the Preserve other than trailhead facilities similar to those already in existence, so that Scottsdale residents determine what happens with the proposed desert-appreciation venue, not politicians.

Furthermore, I am staunchly opposed to using Preserve tax dollars to construct Desert EDGE at a location that residents may not support, or using tax dollars for any purpose other than that which was approved by voters.

The Preserve is Scottsdale's largest and most enduring treasure. It is a major contributor to our economy and brings tourism dollars into Scottsdale.

For more than two decades, I have spent countless hours in the Preserve on horseback or hiking. Early on I advocated for public access to the Preserve. Years ago when the Preserve was acquired, some homeowners' associations and residents were resistant to having public access to trailheads near their developments, so I helped raise awareness for the issue. In the end, the city, with cooperation of nearby residents, have done an outstanding job of providing adequate access to trailheads for the public.